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Who we are?

Pirahas was founded in 2020 as A crazy team trying to increase Amazon sales and win financial freedom.

What do we do?

To give entrepreneurs the tools & resources they need to launch and grow successful Amazon businesses


Just over one year ago, Pirahas founder Samet and co-founder Asaf had a dream and a mission – to help Amazon sellers rise to the top. Back then, Samet was an Amazon seller himself and noticed a huge void in the market for software that could enhance Amazon seller’s businesses.

Anyone who has ever had a big dream knows that sometimes you have to start out small.  Samet and Asaf were no different. From starting their meager business working in 10m2 office during June to work on first Product, then Strikingly full time. They didn’t have enough mattresses, so they had to share some bedding. At the weekend the worked as a waitress to earn some money and put Pirahas. Bromance is a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?

Almost one year later, they’ve taken their dream and turned it into a thriving, world-class business that continues to innovate, prosper, and lead. This comprehensive suite of tools is designed to be advanced, intuitive, and highly integrated to save you both valuable time AND money.

If Samet and Asaf’s story shows us anything, it’s that with hard work and determination, your dreams can come true. So keep on crushing it!


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Pirahas allows you to easily update dropshipping products to your Amazon store, automatically update them continuously and send them directly to your customers with just a few clicks.








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