Amaz, an E-Commerce platform that takes its name from the Amazon forests, is now more dangerous than the actual Amazon forests. If you want to survive in the Amazon, you will need the help of the Pirahas, the oldest tribe in the Amazon jungle.

Pirahas provides 4 different fully automatic and economical solutions to the sellers in 14 different Amazon marketplaces that will saving your time, reducing costs and increasing your sales. For more details please visit our Features page.

No way! We aim to bring you maximum profitability without any effort. After purchasing your subscription, all you have to do is pair Pirahas with your Amazon store. Throughout the process we will be with you with Pirahas authorities and our user manual to make your match. The rest of the whole process will run Pirahas for you.
Pirahas periodically checks the products in your store. We can describe it as a car that is accelerating slowly. First, it examines your store situation, learns the rules you set, then examines your competitors’ movements in your lists and learns the reactions they need to give. For this reason, it is not correct to specify a definite time interval, but Pirahas will check and update the product within 6 hours at the latest. Thanks to all these features, it ensures that your buybox rate does not decrease during the peak hours and days of sales and your sales continue to increase.
With Pirahas application you will be able to match your store with a few simple steps and all of these simple steps will be explained to you by us. Once the pairing has been completed successfully, you don’t need to do anything extra and all your products will be transferred to Pirahas in a healthy way and updated.

Definitely yes! We will exist as long as you succeed in Amazon and E-Commerce. It is very important for us to make you successful and have a big impact on your earnings.

Although the actual results, will take 1 month according to the our tests we have done before but we hope you will be satisfied with the 14-day trial. If you do not make any cancellation, you will be charged 1 month from the credit card you automatically. (Non-refundable)

We hope this never happens, but you can cancel it at any time you want to cancel your subscription. Even if you cancel, you can still use the package you purchased until the end of your payment.

Your data is absolutely secure with us. Your trust is very important to us.

Pirahas’ services are hosted by Amazon Web Services. AWS data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security, creating a secure and secure infrastructure for all your data.


After updating your products on Amazon, we automatically update the login report every 14 hours for free trial users and every 2-4 hours for subscribers.

Is there any moment that stops repetition?
After you enable repricing, the Republish Center will never stop repricing unless Amazon’s servers fail or disable repricing. If your competitors do not change prices, there will be no repeat transactions.

If you exceed the maximum number of products in the package you received, you will receive 3 e-mails within 3 days. If you do not reduce your number of products to your upper limit, your package will automatically be upgraded.(Non-refundable)

You can search for as many products as you like using our Chrome plug-in. In addition, you fill the product limit in your package as much as the number of products sent to your inventory.

For example; You may have searched 100,000 products within 1 month, but if 9,000 items have been loaded into your inventory from these searches, you will still have 1,000 more product loading quotas left for the Starter package.

First, when you want to upgrade the package, you do not need to wait for the package to finish.

You can upgrade from your panel when you want to upgrade your package

Of course no ! Whether you want to upgrade your package, or as a result of your package exceeds the maximum number of products within 3 days because the upper limit is automatically transferred to the upper package … In both cases the difference between the top package and your package is calculated and taken as payment.

For example ; You bought the starter package and pay $ 37. You wanted to switch to the Standard package, which is a top package worth $ 47. You can switch to this package by paying only $ 10 difference.


For all your other questions on Amazon Dropshipping you can communicate via e-mail or contact page ...