After it started to start the way with selling books online, Amazon became an e-commerce giant since it has launched in 1994. Recently, Amazon is using at 14 countries actively in the world. But why is Amazon better than its competitors? Before we talk about which countries you can focus on for your online store, let’s check the reasons why you should choose Amazon.

Personalization: Amazon has an approach that satisfies the requests of its customers. It features the recommended products with analyzing consumer movements and shopping behaviors.

Consumer Service: The company focuses on the needs of customers and works for filling these needs with different innovations. While it has the highest number of satisfied customer, more than half of global companies want to work with Amazon. The way they manage consumer service is one of the main reason how they grow sustainably. 

Additions: Amazon is not only a platform which provides chance to do e-commerce, it also provides different kind of benefits to its users like free two-day shipping facility and easy access to the brand’s streaming service Amazon Instant Video etc. Also, Amazon users are allowed to borrow and read books from ‘Kindle Owners’ Lending Library’, which is a major boon for the readers by Amazon.

Innovation: Amazon has upgrading its systems regularly with bringing new trends to the market worldwide. Most of its competitors using the concepts which has existed by Amazon. The sistem builded by company has improved every year to become more successful. 

Rating and Reviews: Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform because it is always in front of audience with its good recommendations and ratings. Positive feedbacks and reviews given by current customers make the company convert the potential customers to the customers. 

These 5 reasons make Amazon the best option to start e-commerce.

Okay, but at which countries you should focus for your sales? Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Amazon is active at 14 countries but efficiency of them are not that similar with each other. Here are some countries you may be interested to work with according to some numbers.

United States

With 193.6 billion in net sales, the United States was Amazon’s biggest market in 2019. Germany was ranked second with 22.2 billion U.S. dollars, ahead of the UK with 17.5 billion.


Even Amazon has launched at Australia officially in 2017, Australia is a country which will be more valuable in the future. The reason of it is cross-border e-commerce becomes widespread and creates one in three of Australia’s sales. 


Canada may be the best option to start your business for two main reasons: Shopping passion of Canadians and potential of the market which is worth $18 billion.

Their shopping target mostly contains clothing and accessories, books, consumer electronics, healthy and beauty products and toys, hobbies and games. It does not mean that other products will not be able to sale, you just should do the right market analyses to sell them.


Japan is a lucrative market for every online seller with its being third largest economy in the world which is %70 of them online purchasers. Japan has a growing industry of clothing, accessories and cosmetics. If you want to spread in this country you can check these industries. 

United Kingdom

Amazon has %16 of UK’s e-commerce market, which makes Amazon the best way to reach English customers. If you keep UK has the 3rd biggest e-commerce market worldwide in your mind, it will help you a lot. In 2016, UK has spent £133 billion online and £7.7 billion of this money was on cross-border purchases.

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