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Taking a new venture… Maybe in your own field, leaving your safe space and turning to a completely different sector… Finding and supplying the right products… These are all very difficult decisions but steps that will change the course of your life and business life. You are not satisfied with the progress of your business or you are not getting enough and want to earn money from home as well. You have researched and found that the most reliable way is Dropshipping. You have decided what to sell in your virtual store by reading various blogs and making comparisons. So it is time to learn how and where to get these products. Sourcing the products is at least as important as choosing the right products. As a result, consumers get service from you for money and they want to get their return with quality products. There are dozens or hundreds of different companies and people that you can supply the same product. It is very important that you choose them correctly. Let’s talk about the curious and important points about these supply processes together.

What is Product Sourcing?

First of all, let’s take a look at what procurement means. Procurement: The necessary research, selection, planning, stock control, purchasing, shipping, receiving, evaluation, etc. for the provision of machinery, tools, devices, raw materials, materials, parts, semi-products, products and services from appropriate suppliers. are all of the activities. So, if you are going to do a trade or e-commerce, you should definitely supply products. If you don’t have a product, you won’t have anything to sell. There are 4 different ways to supply products. These; You can produce, manufacture, buy wholesale and dropshipping for dropshipping. When sourcing your products, you should research and act on topics such as brand awareness, top importers, sourcing strategy, and global trade trends. The places where you supply your products are a factor that directly affects your store quality, brand awareness, and sales. The sourcing strategies of the products you will import are another important point. You deal with an importer and if their sourcing strategy is not good, you may be left halfway through. So before signing with a supplier, how is brand awareness? How large are the resource strategies? How do they look at global trade trends? Be sure to get answers to questions like. And see if it suits you.

Where to Source Products in 2020 by Import Category

Procurement processes of products are a very important dimension of trade. For this reason, it is very important to find the right suppliers. Many applications have been developed to find the best importers on the internet. And again, there are various websites for you to find the best importers. One of them is Shopify. Shopify has partnered with many suppliers in different ways. It is a platform where you can easily see which resource strategy is better, brand awareness is higher, and the direction of global trade trends for your business. There is no need for extra legal documents to open an account here. A system that can only be used for market research.


Product soucing, global trade trends, Sourcing Strategy, brand exposure, Top importers,Another system where you can find the best importers is Oberlo. Oberlo allows you to add products from many suppliers to your store with just a few clicks. In addition to being very simple to use; Using the search tool, it also provides easy access to many product information such as points, the number of orders for the product, and the number of times this product has been transferred to other Shopify stores. In this way, it becomes very easy to find the importer with the highest brand awareness for your business.

Another way to find the best importers is; Supplier directory. The supplier directory is a database and consists of suppliers making it easy to find the products you are looking for. There is a browsing process to ensure that the listed suppliers are from genuine wholesalers, and you have to pay to access most directories. Worldwide Brands is a proven supplier directory. It has more than 10 million products and thousands of wholesalers. On SaleHoo, annual costs are very low and you can reach more than 8,000 suppliers with this directory. Doba is integrated with 165 suppliers, allowing you to place orders directly. These 3 directories are among the most well-known directories. And it ensures that you can find the best importers.

Apart from these systems, you can manually search for a supplier online. But this is a method that will take a lot of your time.

Should You Source from China?

China is called the “factory of the world” with its factories and production capacities. The majority of the products produced are exported abroad and Chinese shopping sites play a big role in this export. As such, the Chinese economy is also positively affected by this situation. We do not approve of your supply from China. Yes, you can supply a lot of products at low cost, you can develop your store in terms of rich product range. However, when we question the quality of future products, the results unfortunately do not satisfy the buyers. Unsatisfied consumers show their reaction either by returning the product or giving you very low scores. Unfortunately, in both scenarios, your stores are negatively affected. Yes, we do not recommend sourcing products from China. But for our readers who still want to procure, we will indicate some well-known Chinese sourcing sites and tell you what to look out for.

Product soucing, global trade trends, Sourcing Strategy, brand exposure, Top importers,The best-known way to source products from China is Alibaba. But the worst is that wholesale products are sold, and you cannot order on a smaller scale. For this reason, if it is necessary to direct you to sites where you can supply less parts; Aliexpress may be the wanted blood in this sense. So, we can call it a retail version of Alibaba. The product range of this platform is quite wide. Shopping is very safe, very unlikely to be scammed. Another site is Banggood. The most important feature of this site is that there is no imitation product in it. And the vendor of the site is Banggood. Therefore, you are not likely to be defrauded. The Dhgate site is more affordable than Aliexpress in terms of prices. It can be preferred instead of Aliexpress when price comparison is made. It is a generally reliable site. Dealextreme and Lightinthebox are sites where you can shop from China. However, you should be careful when shopping from these sites. The probability of getting scammed is higher than the other sites we mentioned.

It is important not to lose control of your purchases from all sites. Be sure to check the user comments of the products you want to supply. Compare how many products are sold and how many are returned and low score rates. They will offer you shipping options for the products you will buy. In the free options, the cargo tracking issue is rather superficial, and we recommend that you choose paid shipping for your safety and see your cargo in full detail.

Pros and Cons of Top Global Suppliers

Product soucing, global trade trends, Sourcing Strategy, brand exposure, Top importers,

You will be able to find many suppliers in the ways we mentioned. These suppliers you find will have good and bad sides. It is important to know by what criteria you will be judging them. To briefly describe the features that should be found in the best suppliers:

It is important that you can easily order the product you will supply. A supplier who only takes orders over the phone will be a waste of time for you. Therefore, being able to receive orders by e-mail is a plus feature. One of the reasons for preference may be that your supplier is equipped and knowledgeable. If you can get efficient answers to the questions you ask, if they can give you useful advice, it always saves you to work with a supplier where you can get an expert opinion. Do not work with suppliers that have only one employee and try to do every job with that one employee. Working with teams that can direct your problem to a staff saves you time and at the same time, dealing with a person who specializes in a branch provides more accurate solutions for your problem. You should also pay attention to the location of the suppliers. Suppliers located in the middle of the country or near major cities always provide faster and smoother shipping than other competitors. For this reason, if you choose a supplier close to the country where you will sell, you will save time. Before you place a bulk order from your suppliers, you can place a few test orders. about your supplier who will make a few orders; You can obtain data such as how you pass the ordering process, the delivery speed of the products, the packaging quality of the products, the tracking information and the speed at which the invoice information is delivered to you. This data therefore contains information on which supplier you can work with more smoothly before you place a bulk order.

Product soucing, global trade trends, Sourcing Strategy, brand exposure, Top importers,All these data show how careful you need to be when importing, working with the right people. Trading is difficult wherever you do it. But if you have the necessary equipment, it is just as enjoyable to be the boss of your own business. Before doing business concretely (a store, boutique, cafe, workplace, factory), you can turn to e-commerce and see whether you are successful in this area, and whether you have sufficient ability to manage strategies according to this area. It is a great luxury to be able to do without stock while doing e-commerce. We call it Dropshipping. Dropshipping is one of the most beautiful inventions of this era where we live in the technology age. When you complete your training, you determine your earnings. And there are only 3 things you need to take with you to make this profit. The first is our ‘Dropshipping Training’. This training will enable you to start this path more correctly and proceed safely on this path. Second is our Pirahas Dropshipping Software. Our software will save you time for Dropshipping and while you spend your time for yourself, our software will work there for you and make the controls and adjustments that you cannot manually fit in 24 hours. If you proceed on this path with Pirahas software, you will be one of the winners of this war. The other third thing is; your courage and perseverance. New steps always have courage. Taking the first steps is difficult. You will take the first step on this path with courage, and your determination will carry you to the top. After that, to be a businessperson doing e-commerce. Dropshipping and Pirahas software is for you if you want to have a job that can work at home, on vacation, even in the cinema.

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