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The modern age has brought radical changes and innovative ideas to our lives. Socializing on the internet was added to the face-to-face meetings. In addition to just going to offices and working, working at homes with our own computers was added. Many new professions have emerged. Different cultures developed and new definitions emerged. The definition we will discuss today is Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship. Today we will talk about the definitions of entrepreneurship and how to be.

What is Entrepreneurship?

It is the breakthrough made by the person who takes the risk and establishes a business for profit. It is an action. We have told you that various professional groups are increasing with the advent of the modern age. All these professional groups are actually entrepreneurship trends. Human beings would not have discovered many different areas if they were not an entrepreneur and that person did not take an initiative. Let’s look at what they responded to when asked “What is entrepreneurship?”

  • what is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship definitions, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial, startup, ideas, innovation, modern age, girişimcilik nedir, girişimcilik tanımları, girişimci, startup, girişim, yenilikçi fikirler, yenilik, modern çağ,Apple: “A skill that interprets old rules with contemporary innovations and puts them into action.”
  • Microsoft: “The intersection of all actions focused on benefit and prestige.”
  • Pfizer: “A skill that does not settle with the individual, that drives politics to action for the public good.”
  • Ikea: “The understanding that sanctifies the extraordinary methods that generate ideas.”
  • Google: “Expressing as the talent that unites the past with the future and creates the present.”

When we look at the entrepreneurship definitions of 5 big brands, the common point is innovation and skill. This is actually the most concise definition of entrepreneurship. People who are tired of today’s corporate life and want to do their own business are starting entrepreneurship.

Concept of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a very risky area. But those who took that risk were mostly successful. When we look at successful initiatives, they surely overcome various difficulties and they see these difficulties and risks as steps that lead them to success, not as an obstacle. The concept of entrepreneurship is living its golden age in the current century. 2020 has brought several challenges with it. And these difficulties forced people to try something new, to take risks. Good thing he did. For this reason, there have been many sectors that have developed. E-Commerce is one of them.

What are the Types of Entrepreneurship?

  1. girişimci, girişim, amazon, e-ticaret, dropshipping, girişimci kimdirInternal Entrepreneurship
  2. External Entrepreneurship
  3. Commercial (economic) Entrepreneurship
  4. Social Entrepreneurship
  5. Public Entrepreneurship
  6. Virtual Entrepreneurship
  7. Women Entrepreneurship

We can divide it into 7 groups. To describe them briefly;

Internal Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship activities carried out within the business. In today’s competitive world, it is an important type of entrepreneurship in terms of standing out among companies and adapting to the era.

External Entrepreneurship: It means the establishment of a completely new business. Risk factors are higher than other types of entrepreneurship. It is the process of creating a new structuring by taking risks from scratch, not as being integrated into an existing system. And if it is not successful, it cannot maintain its current status.

Commercial (Economic): Entrepreneurship: It covers all kinds of commercial activities and aims to reach the desired profit rate at the end of the activities.

Social Entrepreneurship: As in previous entrepreneurship types, the primary purpose is not to make profit, but to provide social benefit and solution.

Public Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship does not only progress to individuals or privately. In public entrepreneurship, capital and entrepreneurship activities belong entirely to the state, not to the individual. Thus, we can understand that entrepreneurship does not only mean starting a business commercially.

Virtual Entrepreneurship: It is a new generation entrepreneurship type that is the return of the modern age. It covers all kinds of entrepreneurship activities on the internet. People engaged in e-commerce are included in the virtual entrepreneurship type.

Women Entrepreneurship: It is a type of entrepreneurship that has come to the fore in recent years. It is a type of entrepreneurship that receives great support from the private sector as well as the state and enables women to be included in business life and to be more involved in business life.

Who is an Entrepreneur? / Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

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The biggest feature that separates entrepreneurs from other people is that they can take risks. They are not those who withdraw because there is a risk, but who can say “risk will lead me to greater success.” The entrepreneur is the person who sees the opportunities in the market and takes action. They are individuals who always think innovatively and work with determination and ambition to make the world a more efficient and better place by minimizing the desire to make profit. There is no such thing as a problem for entrepreneurs, there is always a solution. Their motivation is high. They are determined, they always have new ideas or projects in their heads. And they have the courage to bring those ideas to life. They are people who adopt strategic management in business life. They have a leader spirit. It is very important to have a leader spirit to innovate in the age. He is prone to startup ideas. You can create your own Startups or provide support to startups. They have completely innovative thinking. In short, entrepreneurship is a very important business line. Entrepreneurs are the shining stars of a country. Whatever is new has reached certain points thanks to entrepreneurs.

How to become an Entrepreneur?

girişimci, girişim, amazon, e-ticaret, dropshipping, girişimci kimdirIn order to be an entrepreneur, whether you have the above-mentioned features is very important in terms of the continuity of this business. There are various courses for entrepreneurship. You can research them so you can find out if entrepreneurship is right for you. You can also start entrepreneurship through E-Commerce, which is one of the most innovative ideas of the modern age. Moreover, you do not have to have a stocked product for this. E-Commerce type called dropshipping offers you the opportunity to sell, trade and earn income without stock. If you want to learn what is dropshipping and how to do it, we can direct you to our “Dropshipping Tutorial”. Here, you will learn how to do stock-free E-Commerce and step into entrepreneurship. As in every business, determination and perseverance are very important in entrepreneurship. You have to believe in what you are doing and not give up. E-commerce is an innovative idea and an area where you can easily adapt to the modern age. As young entrepreneurs, we have developed a Dropshipping software where you can spend less time and make more profit. And if you plan to do Dropshipping, after watching our tutorials, you can have our Pirahas Dropshipping Software and you can easily do innovation and trade, ie E-Commerce. At the same time, if you want to learn how to grow faster in your companies, you can read our ‘Growth Hacking‘ article.

Whatever job you do, always believe in it. Let your ambitions and beliefs take you to places you have always dreamed of. Remember; One of the biggest features of entrepreneurship is perseverance and persistence. No beauty is achieved without effort. With a little effort, some dedication, a little patience and lots of innovative thinking, you can become an entrepreneur, and you can put your name in the world of startups with your innovative ideas.

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