amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıThere are millions of sellers on Amazon. And this means a very serious competitive environment for those who want to be a seller. Sellers who want to be successful must learn all of Amazon’s algorithms well and make the roadmap accordingly. Otherwise, it is very difficult for you to get out of all these sellers and make sales. Sellers who want to get rid of all these sellers and become a successful seller on Amazon either spend their entire day on the computer or use some programs for Amazon. As the number of products increases, it becomes almost impossible to make some updates frequently and you start to make false sales. When you reduce your products to the number that you can control manually, you are less likely to profit. That’s why Pirahas developed a software. And it does all the audits, updates, competitor analysis, stock controls and much more you need on Amazon for you. Meanwhile, you can spend more time with your family. If you want to review, you can take a look at our “Pirahas Dropshipping Software”. You need to do your competitor analysis well and determine your product prices accordingly. Price higher than the market can push your customers to your competitors. Price far below the market, on the other hand, may leave the impression of “poor quality” in your potential customers and cause you to lose the customer. For this reason, you should make a market price analysis while determining the product price at the first stage. Of course, you won’t be done later. Sellers are constantly updating the prices of their products, which means that you should check and constantly update product pricing for every product you upload to your store. The job becomes quite difficult for a person to do at some point, and sellers use automatic pricing tools. Of course, everything can have positive sides as well as negative aspects. Let’s talk a little bit about automatic pricing in this article.

What Does a Repricer Do?

Sellers without a strong pricing policy can get stuck on the road to success. Most of the new sellers follow the market prices of the products they sell daily or in short time intervals and question why the product is not selling, thinking short-term. But this is wrong. Repricing products on Amazon is a long-term consideration. Short-term thinking and changes can hurt you. The daily drop or jump in prices should not scare the sellers and push them to regulate prices with that anxiety.

amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRepricers are a re-pricing, automatic pricing tool for Amazon sellers. It is a lifesaver for Amazon sellers when it becomes impossible to control manually as the number of products increases. It constantly analyzes your environment with vendors that you compete 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You set maximum and minimum prices for your products, and the repricer automatically updates your prices according to your competitors in the product price ranges you specify. In this way, you get prices that give you an advantage in your race with your competitors. Since it makes this price increase and decrease in the intervals you specify, your prices are applied under protection. Successful sellers on Amazon are not affected by daily increases and decreases and change their prices. They think long term and take firm and calm steps, which brings them success. Repricers also have this feature. They do time-based repricing to optimize your profit margins. When the automatic pricing tool examines your competitors’ overall profiles, it will strike a constant balance between selling price, number of orders and market demand to best price your products.


amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRearrangers save you time: If you have few products in your store, it’s not impossible to manually update products. However, as the number of products in the store increases and you think that you need to constantly update them, this is not something that a person can do manually. For this reason, Repricers save you 100 percent of your time. The only thing you will do for price updates is to set the maximum and minimum prices for the program setup. Your repricers will make the price policy according to all the remaining competitors.

amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRepricers limit human error: It took us a long time as a society to admit that software success has outstripped manpower. But if there’s one thing we have to admit, it’s that it’s true. Sellers may be affected by sudden prices and increases of competitors’ products and make incorrect changes. And this situation negatively affects sellers’ Amazon stores. Since there is no emotion in the software, they apply the programs prepared with the right strategies. And sellers avoid making mistakes.

amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRepricers sales and can increase your chances of winning a buy box: Having a Buy Box is the dream of every Amazon seller. Because if you have a Buy Box, Amazon will make you more visible to your potential customers and move you to the top. The customers who have the same products are eliminated and the customers who press the buy button directly buy your product. We recommend you to read our article in which we explain the Buy Box in depth. Setting the right selling policies and the frequency of updates will keep your Amazon account in good shape. This is one step for you to win the Buy Box. Of course, just pricing correctly will not be enough. In addition, you are required to meet performance-based requirements in areas such as inventory availability, customer service, and fulfilling the promises mentioned in product descriptions.


amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRearrangers are only as good as the data you enter: Yes, Auto-pricing tool, repriceers give you huge benefits. You save time and compete more easily with your competitors, but if you manage to enter the information correctly. It performs the process in line with the information provided by each software user. Therefore, the information you provide for the software to work and do its job is very important for the correct and efficient operation of the programs. They cannot process any data that you do not enter. Therefore, repricers can only trade in sizes you specify. It cannot tell you that you need to add more.

amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRepricers do not lean towards individuals’ abilities to learn: when something works, the human being generally doesn’t want more. If we need to exemplify this from the re-pricers dimension; The aim of pricers is to follow the correct price policies in the first place and to make price updates by analyzing their competitors correctly. Knowing this, the programs and vendors make the impression that “the program will do this anyway, I don’t need to learn extra”. And this dulls the human ability to learn new things. For this reason, you should not fail to learn because the programs you have purchased are already doing those operations. Anything you add to yourself is extra value for you, even if you can create programs.

amazon repricers, artıları, eksileri, otomatik fiyatlandırma, pasif gelir, yeniden fiyatlandırıcıRepricers can be costly: Repricers are a program developed by companies. Therefore, you pay for this product. As in every market, it is possible to reach different prices in the re-pricing market. The thing that sellers who want to buy should pay attention to; exactly what features the app promises you, how customer service helps you with any problem, and its fees. Sellers who want to sell on Amazon and want to use these programs should also make price-performance calculations and make purchases accordingly. When you want to manually update the price, you do not pay any fees, but Repricers applications are paid with purchases.

Manufacturers have developed many programs and software in order to survive on Amazon and rise quickly and also with safe steps. This trend is increasing day by day. Many products have become available in the online market. The important thing is to reach the applications that will really work for you with the least cost. Which features to look for in applications is only possible if you know exactly what to do. For sellers who want to sell without stock, we always recommend Dropshipping. This is an e-commerce where you can start in a much shorter time and with the least financial loss. If you want to learn the details about dropshipping; You can view our “Dropshipping Course” link. Learning from reliable places and people who have done and experienced this job will make you successful in a shorter way. And we, as Pirahas team, are ready to support you 24/7 in this e-commerce adventure that you started with Amazon, since you are using many programs at the same time. We will succeed together.

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