Autumn… means very different things to everyone. How much we want to discuss what it means for everyone, our topic is; Sellers. Let’s talk about what autumn means for sellers in this article. Autumn season is here, and the vendors are all getting excited as they prepare fall products. Why is that? All-important seasonal days such as Black Friday, Halloween and Thanksgiving are gathered in this season. As such, Autumn; It becomes the period that will be the busiest but the biggest revenue opportunity for many retailers. This is an opportunity not to be missed for sellers who will open their stores. Of course, if they enter the market with the right products. In this article, we have created a list of popular products to be sold in Autumn to prepare you for this busy season in the best way. We’ve selected popular and bestsellers from all over the web using Google trends, dropshipping product research and Amazon best sellers to find the perfect products to add to your store. If you are ready, we start.


sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi As the cold approaches, consumers who gradually move away from summer clothes and want to start the season with a renewed cupboard are looking for new clothing products. We transfer you the top 5 of the categories in order, based on the most loved ones in the fashion folder, frequently searched in search engines, and best sellers.

  1. Jacket
  2. Trenchcoat
  3. Tracksuits
  4. Sweater
  5. Pants and Jeans

We should especially point out that Jeans never go out of style. For this reason, it takes its place among the most sought after and preferred products in every season. In the fall, sales peak and offers a search history of between 1k and 10k per day.


sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi


This season is close to New Year. For this reason, it is also a shopping time for parents who want to buy gifts for their children. If you are thinking of adding toys to your store, here are the top 5 most preferred toys in Autumn;


  1. Play-Doh play dough
  2. Nerf Blaster
  3. UNO playing cards
  4. Lego-Star Wars
  5. Mega Bloks

Handicraft Materials;

sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi In autumn, many people prefer to do activities that they can spend time at home. For this reason, hobby equipment is also highly preferred. Here are the top 5 of them:

  1. Scrapbooking materials
  2. Fabrics
  3. Clay sets
  4. Cake decorating supplies
  5. Ceramics materials

The subtitle of the Amazon crafts category includes the bestsellers: laminating bags, hole punch, picture hanging strips, scissors set, textured pads. The top choices on Amazon are constantly changing. For this reason, you should definitely check out the new list every day while doing product research.

Sports equipment;

sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi More than 50 percent of people around the world are interested in sports in some way. For this reason, it is not possible to have such a title in an article under the title of bestsellers. Let’s see which products are most preferred in autumn in sports equipment:

Sports and Outdoor

  1. Tightening socks / tights
  2. Waist bands
  3. Yoga Tapes
  4. Pilates Resistance Band
  5. Yoga Mats

Other popular fall items worth selling are water bottles, hydro bottles, dumbbells, and wet wipes.

We have listed the fall trend sales products. If you want to make the most of this shopping spree, we say that you should definitely act according to our list. Also, it’s not an early time to sell themed products, it’s Autumn. At least that’s what consumers think.

sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi Among themed products, we mean defining products such as New Year’s products and thanksgiving products. Purchases of such products start in August. Consumers want to be ready for the upcoming era and are heavily looking for themed products on the Web. and the sales rates of these sought products are also very high. Therefore, you should be prepared for this period in Autumn.

One of the main products preferred for this period: Home decor items. For this reason, fill your store with decor products designed for big events and family gatherings.

Plates and serving utensils are another category. Dinner invitations are a must for crowded events. In this period, consumers are providing the plates and service equipment required for this period.

Another category that should not be forgotten is definitely single use products. Paper towels, paper plates, paper cups and other disposable items are in high demand. Many homeowners do not want to wash dishes after their meetings and parties, some prefer disposable products because they find it more hygienic. Therefore, be sure to equip your store with disposable products.

sonbahar, black friday, yeniyıl, müşteri kazanımı, dropshipping eğitimi

Having all these products in your store will be a steppingstone for you to make good sales in Autumn. If you want to be successful in dropshipping, you must follow the rules set by Amazon and master Dropshipping. If you are starting from scratch, we recommend our Dropshipping Tutorial. This training, which is filled with the most basic but the most necessary information such as how to do and where to start, will be a good companion on this road. After completing the training, you can start converting the information you have learned by purchasing our Pirahas Dropshipping Software. By spending a minimum of time. As with any business, it is very important to understand the customer and not lose it in Dropshipping. If you are wondering about how to win a customer and what to do to avoid losing, you should definitely check our ‘Customer Acquisition’ article.

As Pirahas team, we are always with you on this path. We are ready to answer any questions you may have. We sincerely believe that you can achieve it. Believe in yourself first, then in us and start earning!

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