Time passes and generations change. With the change of technology, generation differences affect societies much more. Social scientists define these generational differences as X, Y, Z generations with different names. Well, did you know that the shopping habits of these different generations are also very different from each other? Shopping preferences differ according to genaration types. The online shopping preferences and habits of a child born into technology and an individual who has met him later and is perhaps still not used to it are not the same. Knowing the shopping preferences of different generations and knowing which offers are more attractive to them will move your business forward. Because as we always say, you must have a specific niche for your business. So you must determine your target audience correctly. Or, you may need to apply different advertising policies to different target audiences. For this, it is useful to know what generation type your target audience is and analyze their shopping habits. In this article, we will discuss online shopping habits that have changed over generations. Before this article, which is as important as knowing what to do on Amazon Prime Day, if you want to read something about Amazon Prime Day, you can click here.

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Where do different generations shop?

Before learning about where and how different generations shop, it is necessary to show how sociologists define generations. Generation Z: Those born between 1997-2002, Generation Y; Those born between 1981-1996 are classified as those born between the years of 1965-1980 as Generation X, those born between 1946-1964 and the group defined as the Silent Generation are those born between 1925-1945.

Few members of the three youngest generations physically prefer to shop in stores. But the same cannot be said for Boomers and the Silent Generation. These two generations, who have lived life without technology for a long time and which we think are far from technological developments, do not give up their physical shopping habits.

Online vs. In-Store: Where do different age groups shop?

When it comes to online shopping, all five generations agree on three favorites. Amazon is the e-commerce site where most consumers say they shop. Walmart and eBay stand out as the second and third most popular online stores. From the ability of people to shop without leaving the comfort of their own home to being able to read other shoppers’ reviews about a product, generations have suggested that they have a variety of reasons why they might choose to shop online.

According to a statement made in the United States, 40% of Generation Z stated that they preferred online shopping as the reason for seeing all the reviews about the product easily, while 37% stated that they prefer online shopping because the price comparison is easier in online shopping. As the average age increases between generations, the reason for choosing online shopping also changes. For example, 54% of the generation defined as Baby Boomers stated that they prefer online shopping because it is a comfortable and easy way to shop without having to leave the house.

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The Future of Online Shopping

According to the same research conducted in the United States, the common thought of all generations is that online shopping will be at the center of shopping in the future. Except for the high objection rate in the group called Silent Generation, all other generations think this situation is inevitable. Especially in 2020, when we spent staying at home due to the pandemic, it seems that online shopping habits have developed, especially among groups with a high average age. Even if people have to change their shopping preferences due to the pandemic, or even get used to it, the majority of Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation have trouble shopping online without assistance. He states that with the help of younger generations, they can shop online. This situation creates another problem in terms of online shopping habits.

Even if our online shopping systems seem quite simple and understandable for the younger generations, the number of people who think online shopping systems are complicated increases as the average age increases. This brings about a new problem and a new solution. Because the vast majority of these generations with a high average age, although they find the online shopping ways complicated and difficult, they see it as an obligation. Due to the accelerating world, traffic, crowds and diseases and many other reasons, people are now more confined to their homes or areas close to their homes. So a simpler online shopping has to be an inevitable development of our future world.

In addition, our online shopping habit, which we had to have due to the pandemic, reminded people that physical shopping is not just a shopping. Because shopping has different social and social effects. Psychologically, many people believe that the time spent choosing products for shopping is a therapy for them. In addition, one of the main reasons of social mobility seems to be physical shopping. In this case, it positively affects all other tradesmen in the cities. According to the research, although most of the people think that online shopping is an inevitable reality due to its many advantages, the first thing after the pandemic is that they will go shopping. It seems obvious that online shopping and physical shopping will live together in a fine balance in the future.

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Dropshipping on Amazon

First of all, we need to know the answer to the question of what is dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model where you can sell products without physical products. In other words, when a product is purchased, the product supplier will send the product directly to the customer. So if you ask what makes this a trade, of course by raising your prices. This means that you have to set a price higher than the supplier’s price. In short, the working mechanism of dropshipping is like this: The customer buys the product from the retailer, the retailer orders the product from the supplier, the supplier sends the product to the customer.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce system that offers you the opportunity to sell dropshipping. If you want to get more detailed information about dropshipping, take a look at our Dropshipping Tutorial. You will find all the details there and you will be able to prepare for this period in the best way. Also, if you say again “I received my training, I want to start this business.”, We will recommend you our “Pirahas Dropshipping Software” which will make Dropshipping quite easy. We offer you this software at a more affordable price than our competitors in the market, and we have a 24/7 support line. We believe in your perseverance and want to see you in the Dropshipping World.

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