T-shirts are no longer just a part of daily wear. It has become an item of clothing that we carry our personalities, interests and identities on our chests. Everyone wants to make a special t-shirt design that they wear on their chest, and at the same time dreams of seeing these t-shirt designs on others. Therefore, starting and selling an online t-shirt business has become one of the most popular things for entrepreneurs and artists who want to explore the relatively low investment business. T-shirt sales on Amazon are expected to reach a volume of approximately $ 612 billion by the end of 2020. We have prepared this guide for you to establish your dream t-shirt company. You have an idea of ​​making genius t-shirt designs in your mind, but how can I sell t-shirts online? If you don’t know the answer to the question, this guide will help you establish your dream online sales company.

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How to start an online t-shirt business?

It is quite normal to have questions in your mind about where to start to sell your t-shirt designs that combine your ingenious ideas with your wonderful artist talents. With the popularity of T-shirt businesses, you may no doubt be afraid of facing some level of competition. But you can find your own success online by building a brand for a specific audience and creating the kind of t-shirt designs your customers want. In the ecommerce world, there are many businesses that start their own online t-shirt companies. So, before you design your store, you have to answer a question: Who will buy these t-shirts? So the key to getting started is to identify who your potential customers are. You can also make a confident claim that everyone wants to buy my t-shirts. However, the larger your target audience, the less potential customers you have. Since people think of T-shirts as a signature they carry on their chests, it will be very useful for you to define your own niche.

Determining your concept is an important point to do before starting an online t-shirt business. Basic t-shirts, printed t-shirts, custom design t-shirts are t-shirt models in different concepts that you can sell. However, it is very important to make your potential customers feel special in order to build an online business that will make an efficient profit from the question of how to sell T-shirts online. That’s why making the t-shirt design you plan to sell will make you special. The more important your t-shirt design is to be special and unique to your customers, the more important the fabric variety and quality you use. Some of your potential customers may be allergic to certain types of fabric. With this in mind, you should offer different fabric choices. What kind of printing model will be made on the fabrics you will use and the color and drawings of your design of this printing model should be appropriate. People want to wear signature products with their own character on their breasts, but if they experience quality deterioration very quickly, they will not choose to shop from you again.

There are 3 most popular ways to print your original designs on T-shirts. These; Film printing, Heat transfer, DTG (direct to garment). Heat transfer and film printing is an old model and is not recommended for new generation design prints. The reason it is not recommended is that its cost is very high and the desired quality cannot always be achieved. One of the most effective solutions for T-shirt printing is the Direct to Garment (DTG) method. Thanks to ink printing printers, you can print complex and multicolored designs on your t-shirts. With this method, you can provide printing on demand. You can deliver your original designs to your potential customers.


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Selling your t-shirts on Amazon

Amazon.com is an internationally operating e-commerce site that has proven successful all over the world. Always in the top five in e-commerce success stories, Amazon.com is a highly accurate site to invest in. The idea of ​​starting a T-shirt company on Amazon makes sense in many ways. There are a few steps you need to follow to start an online t-shirt business and sell your products from Amazon. First of all, it is worth mentioning that, contrary to common belief, it is not necessary in today’s modern world to know English in order to sell on Amazon. Mastering English will be an advantage for you, but it is not a strict requirement. To sell on Amazon, the first thing you need to do is to open a seller account. To sell professionally and open a shop on Amazon, you need to open a different account than you normally use. Through Seller Central, you can perform various operations such as listing your products, managing your orders, communicating with buyers, reporting seller performance.

Many people have asked the question of how to sell T-shirts online, like you, and found Amazon as the answer. Let’s take a look at the detailed study that Amazon did about the founders of a t-shirt company. Sales of designer t-shirts on Amazon are increasing every year. The total volume of sales made through Amazon in 2017 was 446 billion dollars. In 2019, this figure reached a volume of 560 billion dollars. During this 2-year period, the number of people who started an online T-shirt business who wanted to sell their own t-shirt designs increased by approximately 30% and continues to increase. It is not a big mistake to say that as the market grows, this market will one day reach the saturation limit. However, e-commerce is not the right place to prove this. Because the shopping habits of the individuals in the societies are constantly changing over the years. In this process, which accelerated with the pandemic process, individuals now prefer to shop from online stores more. The biggest indicator of this is that in the first half of 2020, in a six-month period, the total transaction volume of online stores selling designer t-shirts was 412 billion dollars. These data and Amazon’s sense of trust in customers seem to be the best alternative to starting an online t-shirt company.


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Dropshipping With Your Online T-Shirt Business

If you provide printing services on demand, make original t-shirt designs and establish your own t-shirt company, it may sound too burdensome and risky, or you may not have an investment to make them. For this, you can start your own online T-shirt business using the dropshipping model on Amazon. First of all, it is necessary to explain what is dropshipping in the simplest way. Dropshipping is the process in which a retailer passes customer orders to a supplier partner and then sends the order to the customer. Dropshipping software that makes it easier to sell and list products on Amazon and all other details are available. The product offered by Pirahas is a dropshipping software.

There are some points you should pay attention to when establishing a tshirt company with the dropshipping model. Basically, determining the target audience that you need to pay attention to is very critical in this case, so your target market and your competitors in the market is an important point. It would be more logical for you that your supplier is not in the same market as you. Because the product you sell is more expensive than the supplier due to the profit margin you use. According to eMarketer, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach over $ 6.54 trillion by 2022. You can buy a piece of that delicious cake by selling T-shirts online.


In the light of all this information, if you feel ready and get all the answers to the question of how to sell t-shirts online, start using Pirahas immediately and establish your own stockless e-commerce business. Free trial for 14 days.

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