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What if we said you can both travel around the world and earn money? What if we talked about the advantages of being a digital nomad? What if we told you that you can sell stockless while traveling? No, we do not dream. These are all real! Advantages of the modern age. Even though the advancement of technology made our business difficult at some moments, entrepreneurs found great business resources to make money. E-Commerce comes first in our opinion. It gives you the chance to travel with the budget you earn from your business while traveling. Let’s talk a little bit about these business areas with you …

Types of Business While Traveling:

What we want to talk about here is not things like maritime or tourism. Of course, these are the professions included in this category, but the professions that we mentioned are more suitable for the modern age. In other words, professions where you can turn everywhere you have internet, computer, mobile phones into your workplace. Today, corporate life is so challenging for people. Many people are now sentenced to work between 09:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the morning and do not want to miss life. In the professions we will talk about, your computer will be your office, your livelihood, your shop, everything.

seyahat, dropshipping, para kazanmak, eticaret, online, seyahat ederken para kazanmak, amazonLet’s explain the situation with examples. You can earn money by producing content on Youtube. By doing graphic and Web design, taking photos of the places you visit and sharing them on social media, you can create a portfolio for yourself, by writing a travel blog, by writing a blog, by doing computer programming, freelance translator, virtual assistant, social media management, online designing, freelance You can earn money by working and most importantly, by selling stockless when traveling, which is our main concern. All you need is information, computer and internet in all these occupational groups. Oh, and you of course! Actually, we can call the occupational groups mentioned here as digital nomads. Because their profession is always on their computer and wherever they go, their profession is universal. That’s why we call them digital nomads. While traveling, we would like to tell you about Dropshipping, a branch of E-Commerce, which is a profession where you can set working hours according to your heart and make thousands of sales without stock. Let’s examine it together;

What is Dropshipping?

seyahat, dropshipping, para kazanmak, eticaret, online, seyahat ederken para kazanmak, amazonWith the advancing technology, it has become inevitable for people to become their own bosses. It was born that every mature individual who uses technology efficiently will have a job. With e-commerce, you can easily reach not only people in your city but also people you do not know in the world, bring them together with your products, and you earn income from it. The thing that makes Dropshipping superior to E-Commerce is that it can be done completely without stock. In fact, you do not have a warehouse, you do not have any concrete product. You don’t need an office, dozens of employees. Just you and your computer! We shared a detailed article about what is dropshipping before. You can get detailed technical information from there. To tell you an average thing, right now; There is an A dealer who sells his product in another market. You, as a b seller, set a new price on his products and put them for sale in your own market, and someone who comes to your market buys that product from you. You order from vendor A and supply the product to the purchaser. Although it may seem complicated and unfeasible, it is actually quite simple and a technology that can make you a digital nomad. If you want to stick to certain working hours, to work for yourself not for your boss, to be able to travel as you want, not just one week a year, and still earn money; Dropshipping when traveling, dropshipping is just for you! So how do you make money with Dropshipping while traveling?

How to make money with dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the favorite of digital nomads, the star of those who want to make money while traveling, and the only solution for those who want to make dropshipping while traveling. You can determine how much money you will earn from dropshipping. In this business, you are the boss, you are the manager, you are the worker, you are the office. In short, you can adjust everything the way you want and reach the points you want in earning. Of course, the more you want to earn, the more confident you have to take steps. Because it is an E-Commerce site that really supervises Amazon sellers. But at the same time, it is an enterprise that protects both the seller and the buyer well. If you want to do Dropshipping on Amazon, it is important that all the documents you submit are genuine. Any information you provide must be accurate and legal documents. Otherwise, it will be impossible to open your seller account.

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,It is a huge luxury to sell without stock while traveling and travel with the budget you get! You raise yourself in terms of career and you don’t miss life at the same time! You might be saying, “Well, you always talked about the good sides of this Dropshipping?” Let’s say right away: Every business, every venture always has risks. To do Dropshipping on Amazon, you don’t need to buy and stock a certain number of products, you don’t need to rent an office and employ a lot of people because you don’t have stock products. For this reason, you do not need to make many risky investments when starting a business. What difficulty does it have? Amazon is a very large market and you have to strive to get your products to the top. Reach the top so that more customers can notice you. If you are not noticed, there is a possibility that you will not be able to sell, and you may not get the income you want. As Pirahas team, we would like to say that we support you in every aspect. First of all, you can review our training Dropshipping Tutorial, where you can understand the subject better and learn how to do Dropshipping with all its depth. In order to travel to you, to spend longer and more quality time with your loved ones, we have also developed a software that allows you to make your products noticeable and sell on Amazon and monitor the stocks and progress of your competitors. ‘If you examine the Pirahas Dropshipping Software, you will definitely find the packages suitable for you in our software that will work for you while you are using it to live your time. With our regular blog posts, we find and interpret the products you can sell. Some products sell more than their time period and adding these products to your own market will put you on the top as a seller and make it easier to sell other products you want to sell. You can visit our blog under the title of the most popular products to be sold in Autumn 2020, you can start Dropshipping as soon as possible and start making money through E-Commerce during the period when sales are at their highest. As Pirahas team, we are with you 24/7. We wish you many lucrative days!

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