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Amazon is the world’s most developed and largest E-commerce site. This is an accepted fact in all countries. Of course, everyone wants to sell here, but; this is unlikely. You need to get some training, spend some money, and follow a lot of rules in order to be included in systems that have strict rules (which are actually rules for buyer and seller satisfaction). In short, you have to maintain everything legally. As such, not every seller can participate in this market. In our blog posts, we have mentioned many methods, from these rules, what needs to be done, how to be more successful. In this article, we will talk about the storage fees that sellers will pay to Amazon, Amazon monthly subscription fees, estimated prices per unit sold, package measurement to be considered in shipping, and what solutions you can find for incorrectly measured products. If you want to do FBA on Amazon, we recommend you to read this article.

Amazon FBA fees:

If you want to do FBA on Amazon, you must first know which category you will be in. You can either open a Professional account or open a Basic or Individual account. You have to decide which type of account to open because the fee you will pay to Amazon will vary for both accounts. Monthly subscription free, so called monthly subscription fee; As the name suggests, this monthly fee is a fee deducted from professional account holders and costs $ 39.99. Although there are certain rates of increase every year, this fee has not changed for 2020. Sellers who open a basic, individual account, that is, a basic account instead of a professional, do not pay this price, but pay an estimated fee of $ 0.99 per unit sold. In short, if you open a basic account, Amazon does not ask for a monthly subscription fee if you cannot sell from you. While many E-commerce sites do not offer this advantage, Amazon is generous in this regard. As we said at the beginning, Amazon cares about both customer satisfaction and seller satisfaction. Some payments are also required under the name of FBA Order Commission. If we talk about a newly added pricing; A new commission, called the core commission, has been added for small and large standard size products, with the exceptions of clothing and dangerous product groups. And additional fees ranging from 9 cents to 16 cents were reflected on the sellers. There is no change from FBA commissions for large sized products. Order commissions for clothes were increased by 11 cents to 29 cents. Hazardous products were increased by 11 cents to 29 cents depending on the size.

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,Storage fees from products that have remained unsold for 1 month in FBA warehouses have increased by around 6 cents for January-September, while there is no hike in long-term storage fees. This is the general Amazon FBA fees. Another question that raises Amazon’s questions is the logistics fees and what they are determined according to. While a very small fee is requested for some products, the price increases considerably for some products. We investigated the reasons for this for you.

Why You May Be Overcharged for FBA Fees?

As in all areas of Amazon, there is a specific pricing policy in logistics and storage. Amazon FBA fees change every year, and logistics and storage fees are also affected by these changes. In some cases, Amazon may request more from you than your calculations based on prices and measurements. There are 2 main reasons for this. The first of these; the products you want to sell remain in the warehouse for a long time. If your products stay in the warehouse for a long time, this will cause an increase in the storage fee. hence Amazon reflects this fee on its logistics fees and the fee you have to pay more than the fees calculated by you.

The second of two main reasons are the possibility that the products you send with Amazon logistics have been measured incorrectly. When you want to get a price from Amazon logistics while you send a product, you are asked about the product dimensions and also the packaged dimensions of that product. If you made a mistake while measuring the package, that is, if the product and the package were measured incorrectly, this will make a difference in direct logistics prices. Therefore, as you should pay attention to with every logistics company, you should pay great attention to package measurement in Amazon logistics. In addition, there are fees in Amazon, which we call Fulfillment fees, which are Preparation fees, to this service; It shows the cost, which includes receiving the products, packaging, shipping the product, and calculating the weight and volume of the product. These prices vary according to the season. And if you have made a calculation according to the old season prices, the fees you calculate, and the fees calculated by Amazon Logistics may vary. For this reason, when sending your products, you should be sure to look at the current pricing and at the same time be very sensitive in measuring product dimensions.

How Can You Find Out How Much You Can Be Charged for FBA Fees?

Amazon FBA fee varies every year. It is subject to various hikes according to the conditions of the year. Therefore, there is the same increase in Amazon logistics. When you want to send products with Amazon Logistics, you must measure the package of your products correctly. Otherwise, you will encounter different pricing. In addition to the logistics price, Amazon will charge you an estimated fee per unit sold. Remember to take this into account when calculating the cost. You can easily access the current pricing list for Amazon logistics on sell. Amazon. Let’s show you the logistics prices for 2020, excluding the Amazon FBA fee;

Amazon, amazon dropshipping, pasif gelir, amazon lojistik, lojistik, ek gelir

Get Amazon to Refund You by Requesting Remeasurement

Let’s say you made your package measurement. You have calculated according to the current annual prices of Amazon logistics and sent your products at that price. Amazon logistics then sent you a document showing the total price and you found that the fee was too much. In this case, you understood that your products were measured incorrectly by you. In such a case, you can contact Amazon Logistics directly and request a remeasurement of your products. Amazon offers you such a right. If it is determined that your products were measured incorrectly in the measurements of the logistics departments later on; The excess fee you pay them is refunded to you. In this way, you do not fall into a state of suffering in a transaction you have made wrong. As we always say, Amazon has a policy that protects both the producer and the consumer whenever legal.

Amazon, amazon dropshipping, pasif gelir, amazon lojistik, lojistik, ek gelirBy doing Amazon Dropshipping, you can take your place among the sellers of Amazon. Moreover, if you join by Dropshipping, you will not even need to have a stocked product. You will be able to work with a world giant e commerce site, but without having to stock up. This is great! If the idea of ​​Dropshipping on Amazon is good for you and you are wondering, you can find the answers to all your questions you ask yourself with our Amazon Dropshipping Training, and you can get all the information you need to be a seller. In addition, if you want to become a seller and be involved in Amazon’s World in some way, you can get our ‘Pirahas Dropshipping Software to start selling in the safest way, with less risk, less time and less cost. Amazon is a huge World. A world driven by developing technology. The sooner you take your place there, the easier and more your star will shine in the future.

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