The gift industry is expected to appreciate up to $ 77 billion by 2022. As such, it is not possible not to include souvenirs among the rising values. Sometimes we use the idea of ​​a souvenir to apologize, sometimes as a wedding gift, birthday present, or sometimes to surprise us suddenly. With such a wide range of use, it does not seem possible for this sector to grow. Suppose you have a variety of souvenir ideas in mind. Now you are tired of stopping and want to act. But you cannot figure out where to start. In the first stage, opening a store can be considered very costly and risky. We say give the idea of ​​’Online Store’ a chance to understand whether the business will work or not and of course to generate more comfortable income. In this article, let’s give you ideas that will really work for you.

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How to start the online gift business?

Although it may seem difficult and inconvenient, the online store enables you to reach more people in a much shorter time, as well as establishing a business with less cost and therefore it is a highly preferred method. Most often it is a snow globe, flask, music box, specially designed mug, etc. Before buying products such as products, we look at their pre-ideas online. And let’s confess that most of us order all of these online. Why is that? Because in a shorter time, we have the chance to see more products where we live and to transform the products into our own designs. When entering the gift shop in the online store, it is the most important rule to do a detailed research. Which products do people prefer?, which products are shipped more smoothly ?, which products bring more profit? questions are the first to be answered. Another important factor is which product can be sold in what time frame. We will explain the detailed answer to this question in our next title. According to our research; the most preferred online stores for products of Turkey; printing services on demand, specially designed mug, flask, snow globe and music box. Of course, you can find all these products in a store, but you can reach hundreds instead of ten on the internet with one click. This provides a great advantage for those who will do online store business.

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,

Selling your Souvenirs on Amazon

Let’s just say: ‘Turkey cannot afford me, I want to open up to the world’ you say. You also have souvenirs that you trust. It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer or a wholesale company. You can ship your products to the world by selling them on Amazon. Moreover, what if we say it’s pretty easy to do? Amazon is the world’s largest online store. There are millions of vendors inside and you can be one of those vendors. It is very important that you work with integrity in order to sell on Amazon. Otherwise, Amazon displays your products in the lower ranks, and you will not reach the sales figures you expect. Recently, the most preferred method is printing on demand. With the Print On Demand (POD) system, that is, on-demand printing system, you can print on the product you will sell upon order and present it to your customer, without any product in your inventory. You can learn detailed information from our blog post where we explain all the conditions required to sell on Amazon. Amazon has different procedures for the sale of medical products. However, the procedures of the souvenir products (printing on demand service, specially designed mug, water bottle, snow globe, music box, etc.) are quite acceptable. Another important factor you should consider is; shipping times and delivery quality of products. Many of the souvenirs are very susceptible to breakage. For this reason, it is of great importance that it is packaged in a way that will resist hard impacts before it is shipped. Broken products delivered to the customer negatively affect your customer satisfaction, which is something Amazon never wants. Amazon cares about customer satisfaction before the seller. And the more satisfied your customers are with you, the higher Amazon ranks you. And this brings you together with your new potential customers.

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Gifts with Dropshipping

You want to sell online, to open to the world, to make your earnings in dollars, but you do not have stocked products to sell! Well, what if we told you that with all these conditions, you can still easily sell and earn significant revenues from it? Yes, we are not deceiving you, you can. This form of sale is called Dropshipping. We talked about this in many of our previous blog posts. You can have an idea about this topic from start to finish by reading our other articles on our blog, you can learn about our Amazon Dropshipping training on Udemy, and you can effortlessly sell on Amazon with our Pirahas Software. Our software already gives you a guarantee of implementation without worrying about all these factors. However, if we need to mention; The most important thing to consider when dropshipping is stock and customer potential control. The correct application of these two factors ensures that you are a good Dropshipper, which means high revenue. Selling the product, you don’t have requires serious control processes. However, the progress of the system without stock allows you to get rid of the negative elements you will encounter in the future with the least damage. When starting dropshipping, for example, you have items such as a snow globe, music box, printing on demand service, specially designed mugs, flasks. The countries where each of these products are preferred may vary. selling a flask in Turkey, America can sell. For this reason, it is very important that the products you will dropshipping are compatible with your marketplace. If you frequently renew the products, it can attract different potential customers to your store. With Dropshipping, you can sell and display hundreds of thousands of products. It is almost impossible to display such products in a real store. Dropshipping is a system that connects you with tens of thousands of customers without making any stock.

We can say that Dropshipping on Amazon is the dream of every sane seller. Although it may seem like a dream to open to the world without any product in hand, to sell these products and to make serious profits from them, it is the truth itself. There are risks in every industry, and of course Dropshipping on Amazon has certain difficulties and risks. As with any business, this business also must go down. But; If you put your steps firmly and choose the applications you set out well, you will experience the reality of what everyone dreams of. We always take responsibility on this issue. We have been dealing with this business for a long time and we say; we win, we win. Why not together? Time passes quickly. It is up to you to use it most efficiently. If the topics we mentioned in our article arouse your interest; First of all, we direct you to our Amazon Dropshipping Training so that you can understand the system, take the right steps and think with the right strategy. Then, we invite you to our Pirahas Dropshipping Software, where you can easily apply what you have learned and if you use it, it will save you an average of eighty percent from time and sales. No mountain top is inaccessible. As long as you aim at the highest, not the small mountains, never take your eyes off that target.

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