Google is a search engine for numbers with more than one hundred thousand searches per second, with this number exceeding 2 trillion per year. Nowadays, Google is at the center of our lives. Of course, when this is the case, Google is at an important point for e-commerce and dropshipping. Google makes up 35% of product search traffic. In this case, knowing how to use Google Ads is a must for an e-commerce seller. Another thing that is as important as knowing how to use Google Ads is knowing how to use them efficiently. Incorrect methods and misdirections are wasting their budgets while many sellers spend tens of money on ads. Preventing this is actually very simple. You can get the most out of Google ads if you know what it does, why it is doing it and how you should do it. In this article, we have prepared a detailed article about Google Ads. Before reaching detailed information about Google ads, you may have questions about e-commerce. For this, “How do you increase your e-commerce sales?” We recommend you read our blog post named.

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What is Google Ads?

Before learning the whole thing, it is important to know how and when that service came about. The reason for the emergence of this service, ie the need it meets, explains you basically the working principle. So, what is this Google Ads. Google Adsense, in 2000 in the world and Google is one of the most widely used search engine in Turkey, the search engine offers as marketing services, online advertising service providers, working out the cost of keywords and clicks per logic is a paid online advertising platform. It is a service that will allow you to attract users who use many platforms belonging to Google to your website.

There are a few terms you will encounter when using Google Ads. It will be important to understand these terms and to define your strategies with what these metrics offer you. For this reason, I felt the need to give you definitions of these terms;

  • Keyword: Create the lifeblood of AdWords, they are the word phrases that are determined according to the subject of the ad, that is, you have chosen related to your site or products. You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (AdWords Keywords Planner) to identify these words.
  • Campaign: It is the area where you can assign budget and target daily. There are 5 different campaign types that can be used in Google AdWords according to the needs. You can get information about campaign types from this address.
  • Advertising Group: It is a group of keywords and ad texts, which are a subset of the campaigns.
  • Impressions: The total number of times an ad was shown on Google.
  • Number of Clicks: It shows the total number of users clicked on the ad.
  • Click Rate: One of the most important metrics for your ad performance and quality scores.

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Why should I use Google Ads for Dropshipping?

There is no simple and precise explanation for this problem. There are many advertising platforms that you can use outside of Google Ads. Especially recently, Facebook is seen as the most traffic source. Knowing about Facebook Ads and other ads will give you an advantage. But from a single Google Ads account, you can create ads that run on Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN), Youtube Ads, Google Shopping Campaigns, and even Gmail Campaigns that only appear in people’s inboxes. Google offers you advertising opportunities through many channels where you can reach your potential customers. Missing this opportunity will not be the right move for your store.

Getting Started with Google Ads for Dropshipping

Before you start using Google Ads, it is very important that you first set up the Google Remarketing pixel and upload it to your website. You will also want to have the Conversion Tracking setup set up.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads is the perfect tool for those in the dropshipping business because it can give you the right leads to convert into sales. Google has a specific type of campaign called Google Shopping. If you have an e-commerce store with many different products, this is probably the easiest and fastest campaign type to get started.

To get started, you must first create a Google Merchant Center account and create categorized product feeds for all items in your store. The beauty of Google Shopping campaigns is that you don’t have to create any ads while Google only pulls the needed data (image and headline) directly from the actual list of products in your Merchant Center account.

Branded Search Campaigns

Another simple but very effective type of Google Ads campaign you should run is Branded Search Campaign. This is a campaign where you literally bid on your own Branded terms. Things like the name of your company / website and its variants. For example, suppose the name of the store is “My Ceramic House”. Basically, it would be logical and correct to advertise for words like “Handmade Ceramic Products” or “Organic Kitchen Tools”.

There are other variations you can add there over time, but by bidding on the Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match forms, you can be sure your brand is prominently displayed on Google for anyone searching for it.

Competitor Search Campaigns

Your competitors are certainly not the only ones selling this product. If so, this could be great, or you may have a product that doesn’t solve anyone’s problem, be careful. Keywords are important, you can generate efficient traffic with this method. However, your competitors are likely to drive efficient traffic as well. First of all, you need to determine your competitors and pre-search keywords. Then, what you need to do is to attract your potential customers from your competitors to your line. Easy to say is a skillful process to do.

Finally, I would like to tell you about Pirahas Dropshipping Software, the indispensable assistant of individual sellers who make e-commerce using the dropshipping method. Pirahas provides a unique automation system not only for Dropships but also for all e-commerce models. Pirahas allows you to easily import dropshipping products into your Amazon store, automatically update them continuously, and send them directly to your customers in just a few clicks. Dropshippers using the Pirahas application with its repricing, dynamic pricing feature, which will be put into service very soon, will be able to find the right products and offer them for sale at the most preferred price in the target market with the product automation that makes the point shot. With CRM and Product Research features, Pirahas will help point out features for all e-commerce vendors and also offers free dropshipping training for new sellers joining the e-commerce world.

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