Detailed reviews about the product, sharing the usage experiences of the customers who have shopped with you before, user ratings and questions asked with the customers about the product are a very important point about your product. In this way, a potential customer who examines your product can get more information. At the same time, the reliability of a product will increase enormously, thanks to the fact that many people have commented and of course positive feedback. No customer wants to buy products that will waste money and time, so many customers research their comments before buying the product. He wants to hear about frequently encountered problems, and he reasoned based on the experiences of other customers. Reviews on your product page are very important, so how can you increase that? For this, we told you 6 ways to explain the importance of the impact of comments and then increase your product reviews.

The Importance of Product Reviews

ecommerce store, product reviews, potential customers, comments, Discount coupon, e-ticaret mağazası, ürün incelemeleri, potansiyel müşteriler, yorumlar, İndirim kuponuA good compilation of product reviews and customer reviews is the most important evidence to demonstrate the social quality of the product. Quality product reviews will encourage customer feedback potential customers to buy the product Products that have never been talked about and buyers do not have a return on them raise big questions about their reliability. Finding information that the product is popular is important to increase buyer confidence. This is a social proof. Of course, sellers make detailed explanations in the product details section and reveal the quality in order to sell the product. However, the comments of the people who buy and use the product are more realistic about the product, which is a very important criterion that is evidence. Other users’ comments on products significantly influence the views and purchasing decisions of consumers who visit your site and conduct product research. Another factor is that your potential customers ask for detailed information about the return process of the product, but seeing comments that a customer has returned the product even though they liked the product and did not encounter any difficulties, brings the reliability of your company and your product to the highest level. Because what every user expects from the product is different, and although the product works without errors, he may want to return it and he wishes that this return process will be simple. All of these are simple and effective ways you can encourage customers to leave more product reviews from products in your store. By following these 6 simple ways we will share with you, you can get comments more easily, and thanks to these very important comments, you can increase your sales and most importantly, make your product more reliable.

6 Ways to Get More Reviews

Many users can buy your product and be satisfied with the product. However, if nobody knows about it, it doesn’t make much sense. An indirect perception of trust only occurs between you and the customer, and your job is left to the whisper newspaper. Instead, you should use your products and encourage satisfied users to comment.

1.Simplify the comment taking process

ecommerce store, product reviews, potential customers, comments, Discount coupon, e-ticaret mağazası, ürün incelemeleri, potansiyel müşteriler, yorumlar, İndirim kuponuLeaving comments should not be a burdensome road for your users who buy your products. The more steps that must be taken to comment on a product, the further away the user will leave a comment. It is necessary to simplify this process as much as possible. The most effective way to do this is by placing a ‘leave a comment’ call to action button on product pages. When designing the review form, avoid unnecessary spaces to ensure it doesn’t put customers off. A few fields for name, email address for verification or communication purposes, one assessment and the review itself is enough. If necessary, you can ask them to share their location (still not recommended) or add pictures to the review. The bottom line is that simplifying the review process gives the buyer a better experience and allows you to collect more reviews.

It is not enough to put product reviews into a simple system. At the same time, it should be that easy to view the reviews about this product. Your product descriptions and details are very important, but everything should be balanced. Customer comments as well as the details you specify about the product should be easily visible and available.

2. Allow social sessions.

ecommerce store, product reviews, potential customers, comments, Discount coupon, e-ticaret mağazası, ürün incelemeleri, potansiyel müşteriler, yorumlar, İndirim kuponuWe mentioned that it is necessary to make it easier for the user to log into the form you have created for user comments. Another way of this convenience is to accept logging in from social media accounts to leave this comment. Some users do not like to fill in their mailboxes, so they avoid forms to share their e-mail addresses. You can make it easier to leave comments by offering many alternatives such as Facebook, Google, twitter, yahoo.

In addition, you also need to use social platforms actively. If your users allow, you can share their comments on your social media accounts by specifying their information. Many people envy to be popular on social media. The user will appreciate when a platform he / she shopping shares something about. At the same time, your potential customers will be sure when a real person comments on this product.

3.Send email after purchase

ecommerce store, product reviews, potential customers, comments, Discount coupon, e-ticaret mağazası, ürün incelemeleri, potansiyel müşteriler, yorumlar, İndirim kuponuYou can reach customers who buy your products by e-mail and communicate one-on-one. This is one of the surefire ways to get product reviews. With the follow-up email you send, an email you send within a week after the product reaches the customer’s hand can direct the user to comment. However, the appearance and content of the mail you send is a very important point. It is not certain that you will get results with any email you send. The mail you send should definitely go from an official mail account. For example: [email protected] The email you send should be sincere and transparent. If the user thinks that this is an obligation or a robotized system, there should be a need to read or respond. Addressing the customer by name will help. The mail you have sent should have features that will activate the customer. He should ask what he thinks of the product and there should be a few buttons to easily indicate this.

4. Communicate at the Right Time

Do not forget that there is a human being in front of you and for this, he has human necessities and a life routine. It would be a bit fanciful to expect him to make a comment as soon as the product arrives. For this, you need to catch the right timing before asking for a comment about the product. You need to make a plan according to the features of your product. If your product is a household item, most likely the user will have the first experience with this product at the weekend. The features of your product and the socio-economic conditions of your customers who have or will buy the product will be the determining factor for your timing.

5.Encourage comments with rewards

Create points in your own store to use for various purposes, and allow your users who buy your products to earn from those points when they leave comments or votes. Classifying these scores in various ways will prompt the user to get more interaction. For example, while voting on the product is less than a score, sharing the product on social media accounts should earn a much higher score. However, your customers and potential customers should clearly know what these scores are for. If the points your customers earn do not have a feature that really appeals to them, this system is useless. You can organize events to multiply these points for certain products and certain times.
ecommerce store, product reviews, potential customers, comments, Discount coupon, e-ticaret mağazası, ürün incelemeleri, potansiyel müşteriler, yorumlar, İndirim kuponu

6. Try to answer all comments.

These comments given by businesses are as valuable as the comments made by the users. Especially the answers and attitude of your business about the negativities are important for potential customers. Of course, if there are comments that are insulting and deliberately disparaging your products, you can remove them, but you should interact with all the positive and negative comments made. This allows you to connect with your customers. In addition, fast and useful solutions to problems instill confidence in your potential customers. It will create a positive atmosphere about you to assume all responsibility in case of an error and to state that your customers have solved their problems.



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