The Podcast world is becoming a different universe that engulfs us all every day. Now it is possible to find dozens of podcasts on almost every topic you are looking for. The easiest way to get expert opinions from people who specialize in their business is podcasts. In this world of dozens of podcasts, you have many resources to find the answers you are looking for. Although this may seem very useful at first glance, it can make it difficult for listeners to find good podcasts. In this article, we will start e-commerce and share with you ten podcasts that people who are already engaged in e-commerce should listen to.

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Outside In

Being a customer-centric brand earns in e-commerce as well as in all sectors. How we should approach the customer, how long we should respond, how many days the shipping time can increase to the maximum issues that everyone who enters the world of e-commerce should learn. This podcast also discusses the secrets of the best known customer-centric brands. If you are also aiming to create a customer-oriented brand or store, you should listen to Outside in.

Tony Robbins Podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast is one of the best series in the field of personal development. If you want to get expert advice in the field of personal development, this is precisely what you are looking for in these podcasts. He also records Great e-commerce chats about creating a global brand from scratch. With motivational speeches and inspiring messages, you can find the power to mobilize you.

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The Content Champion Podcast

Content marketing is a branch of marketing that we all need to know whether it’s ecological life or e-commerce. If you’re looking for online chats to get expert opinions and expert advice from someone who knows more about creating content than you’ll find on the internet, be sure to check out this podcast.

Smart Passive Income

In this online chats series, you can get an expert opinion on many of your e-commerce questions. You can also see this series as e-commerce chats because, for all online businesses, the blog conveys business strategies to its listeners on diversifying your income sources and learning how to make your business stand out through this online chat that shares interesting marketing strategies with you.


Andrew Warner shares his numerous interviews with his listeners. These interviews are people who specialize in their work and have achieved something. In these online chats, where you can learn the success stories and failure of successful entrepreneurs and find inspiration for yourself, you can have fun with Andrew Warner’s difficult questions.

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The Marketing Companion

Marketing is an issue that anyone who is engaged in or wants to deal with, e-commerce should dominate. The Marketing Companion is also one of the best e-commerce chats you can find about it. Thanks to the celebrity guests he welcomes, you can get expert advice and make yourself a marketing Star.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire, a channel that regularly uploads content, is a series of online entrepreneurial chats. Offering a range on almost every topic related to entrepreneurship, this podcast provides content on many issues that interest anyone who wants to start a business, seek to diversify their sources of income, or seek financial freedom.

How I Built This

Hosting the founders and senior executives of the world’s best-known companies, this podcast examines how the most famous brands are created, far from superficiality. He tries to learn their secrets in areas such as marketing and sales, with questions asked to guests. If you listen to these online chats, you can add many skills in marketing and sales. It can also be seen as e-commerce chats because it welcomes guests from every field.

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The GaryVee Audio Experience

In this podcast, where the variety of topics and guests is at the highest level, you can get expert opinions on many issues, from e-commerce to entrepreneurship. From how to build a business to create a passive income, we recommend listening to this podcast, which describes many topics in the fun language.

The School of excellence with Lewis Howes

This online chat with Lewis Howes, which means School of greatness, can be called Above the name. In this podcast, which interviews the wealthiest, most ambitious, most work-loving people who have become famous for their achievements in the world, you can find your mentor and enjoy what you will learn from him.

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The Podcast world has grown quite a bit over the last few years. Anyone who liked to follow innovation became either a podcast publisher or a podcast listener. It makes no sense to use an area with so many resources to learn new skills. You can also review the podcasts mentioned above in more detail, explore other podcasts, or create your podcast. Enjoy listening!


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