Amazon is the largest online shopping platform where millions of customers shop with billions of traffic each year. If you are one of the millions of sellers on Amazon, one of the issues you pay attention to should be to be a preferred and reliable seller. One of the most basic ways to do this is to get more positive reviews. Getting reviews on Amazon used to be easier. Because customers could earn coupons and discounts as they comment, but Amazon removed it in 2016. However, there are still different ways to get feedback from your customers.

Feedback from a customer who has already purchased the product is a very important criterion for your potential customers. One of the things potential customers have been paying attention to when shopping lately is the Amazon Vine Program. Until 2019, the Amazon Vine program was only available for first-tier sellers, now it is also available to third-tier sellers. So whether you’re doing FBA, FBM or dropshipping, all sellers can benefit from the Amazon Vine program. Let’s take a look at what the Amazon Vine program is, its pros and cons, how to sign up, and whether the Amazon seller community is worth joining. If you want to learn more about Buybox, another way to increase your sales, you can read this article. We explained everything about the Amazon Buybox algorithm in detail in our article where you can read it here.

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

The Amazon Vine Program is a product review program created by Amazon to provide honest and unbiased reviews to customers. Unlike the Early Review Program, which encourages customers who have already purchased a product to leave a review, Amazon Vine invites customers to receive a free product in exchange for a review. Amazon no longer allows any customers to join the Amazon Vine program; “Vine Voices” is limited to Amazon’s most trusted reviewers.

Amazon Vine, Amazon Müşteri Kazanımı, Müşteri Yorumları, Amazon Customer Acquisition, Customer comments, Feedback, Review,Vine Voices are selected at Amazon’s invitation and determined by various criteria. Most important is the feedback from other customers about their comments – especially how helpful and accurate they are. The number of reviews they write and how recently they have reviewed are also determining factors. Amazon’s algorithm matches them to products based on the category of previous purchases. While Vine reviews are subject to posting guidelines, reviewers are not paid for their views and are encouraged to provide honest feedback, even if negative. As a reviewer, their scores are not affected by negative reviews, which encourages entering the correct information.

After signing up for the program, someone from Vine Voices can request a review of your product. You will provide the product free of charge in exchange for their review. Amazon Vine reviews are generally very extensive and usually do not include images of the product. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will only get positive feedback. Vine Voices won’t retract their criticism if they find something wrong with your product.

How can sellers sign up for the Amazon Vine program?

Amazon Vine, Amazon Müşteri Kazanımı, Müşteri Yorumları, Amazon Customer Acquisition, Customer comments, Feedback, Review,Before Amazon opened its Vine program to third-party sellers in 2019, only first-party sellers  were able to use the program and were paying very high registration fees – typically $ 2,500 to $ 7,500 per ASIN. Fortunately, it costs nothing to register now. You will only need to cover the cost of proucts provided to Vine reviewers.


Vine Program Requirements

Here are a few requirements to enroll in the Amazon Vine Program;

  • You must be a registered trademark seller.
  • You must provide each product for free.
  • Your listing must have fewer than 30 comments.
  • Your product must be a FBA quote in ‘New’ condition.
  • Your product should not be an “adult” product.
  • Your product should already have been released at the time of registration.
  • You must have the appropriate inventory for your product.
  • Your listing should have a picture and a description.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine, Amazon Müşteri Kazanımı, Müşteri Yorumları, Amazon Customer Acquisition, Customer comments, Feedback, Review,Amazon Vine works to create real reviews that might otherwise be difficult, especially when a brand or product is just getting started. Sellers can send samples to reviewers even before the product launches to get these important early reviews. Everyone wants to buy 4 or 5-star products, and Vine’s informed reviews can help kick-start the progress of a product list. Signing up for Vine also increases brand awareness, as Amazon’s algorithms put more weight on top commenters. If product “experts” like your products like your products, the others are likely to be, so Amazon pushes them higher in the queue. The performance of your product is measured by the number of sales as well as customer feedback. Valuable feedback means your product is more likely to be the best result for consumer inquiries.

Now, let’s examine the pros and cons for sellers in detail.


Comprehensive, high-quality reviews

Vine Voices is chosen by Amazon for its review rankings, which is a reflection of the quality and usefulness of the reviews evaluated by other Amazon customers. This means that the reviews they leave will be well thought out and detail-oriented compared to the average customer review.

More practical feedback

Since Vine Voices aims to examine every aspect of the product, potential customers get a more comprehensive conclusion on how this will work for them. Vine Voice reviews leave actionable feedback on the customer’s purchase decision, rather than vague, one-word reviews.

No registration fee

In the past years, it has cost vendors thousands of dollars to get involved in the program. Currently, the only cost to use the Vine program is the cost of each unit you give out.

Drives traffic and conversions

Customer reviews are one of the most powerful factors influencing sales and conversions on your listing. Having high-quality Vine Voice reviews on your product will help increase conversion rates and ultimately provide impetus to boost your overall bestseller rankings.


Reviews are not positive or otherwise guaranteed

While all reviews left by Vine Voices are full of important details, Amazon does not guarantee that they will leave positive reviews or any reviews. Sellers will have no control over what the reviewer is saying and will not be able to communicate with them.

Available only to registered brand resellers

This limits the number of vendors who can actually participate in the program. If your competitor is not yet registered trademark, taking advantage of Vine reviews can give you an advantage.

Amazon Vine, Amazon Müşteri Kazanımı, Müşteri Yorumları,

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