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Amazon Prime Day 2020 is just days away, but while the official October 13 date is just around the corner, we’re already seeing plenty of early Prime Day deals hitting the shelves. E-commerce sellers organize various discount periods in order to increase the sales of their products and introduce themselves to the market. Consumers, who take advantage of this opportunity, perceive these days as extra opportunities and turn their discount periods into a shopping frenzy. And some periods are now classic and known by the whole world, and extra discounts are made special to those days. E-commerce sites like Amazon, which is a global giant, will stop in such a situation? They rolled up their sleeves and also got their names written on a discount day known all over the world. Under the name Amazon Prime Day. Let’s examine what is this Amazon Prime Day together;

What is Amazon Prime Day?

In 2015, Amazon made a day of extra discounts under the name Prime day, dominating 20 years of online commerce, with extra discount periods lasting one or 2 days to hit America’s biggest shopping day, Black Friday. . This period, which is only available to people with Amazon Prime membership, provides its members with great discounts on various products, including electronics. It is worth mentioning again that; Only Amazon Prime members can benefit from Amazon Prime Day discounts. Prime subscription is paid. If you don’t want to pay a fee, we’ll give you a quick tip. If you have never subscribed to Amazon Prime; offer a 1-month free trial the first time you open it. If you do not want to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day and pay the subscription fee, you can open a subscription a few days before Prime Day and benefit from this special discount day for free. In addition, if you are a student and meet the same criteria, this time Amazon offers you a free 6-month Prime membership. The internet giant Amazon aims to satisfy both sellers and buyers by making Prime Days on certain days every year by offering serious discounts to its users and to say this, it also provides this satisfaction. Speaking with statistics, for example; More than 100 million items were sold on Prime Day in 2018, the biggest discount in Amazon history. And it is known that brands that make sales using FBA exceed 1.5 billion dollars in sales. Therefore, this day is a very important day for sellers and should be evaluated.

Why 2020 Prime Day Could Be The Biggest Ever?

amazon, prime day, sales, dropshipping, amazon prime day, fbaThe sellers are eagerly awaiting this day, as they especially expect and prepared for this day. They want to make a list of the products they will buy during the year, especially at Prime Day discount prices. This year, due to the pandemic, the discount time could not be realized on the planned day. For this reason, both consumers and sellers are excited about the new history. While the postponement of the date created excitement for both sides, the number of products that buyers wanted to buy increased and the number of products that their sellers aimed to sell increased. In addition, the Corona period provided an extra understanding of the importance of E-Commerce all over the world. While it affects every sector negatively, it would not be a lie to say that the pandemic worked for E-Commerce. The awareness of e-commerce has increased 2 times. People couldn’t go to the offices and make money, and they looked for solutions to make money. For this reason, the number of sellers selling through e-commerce has increased a lot. Dropshipping, FBA is experiencing its golden age, especially as it has a chance to sell without stock.

What Can Amazon Sellers Do to Prepare for the 2020 Prime Day?

Of course, sellers have to do in order to spend this day correctly and efficiently. Sellers should do accurate market research in this process. In general, it should look at the best selling products (best-sellers) and determine its own products accordingly. They should have discounts on their products. The aim of Prime Day day is to discount more than normal and increase sales by almost two hundred percent. For this reason, it is really important to make enough discounts. The more you sell, the more you get ahead. Again, another thing you need to do is to display the right ads for Amazon to be noticed more. Thanks to advertising, it becomes more noticeable and takes you higher on Amazon. In this way, your possibility of being noticed and selling increases 2 times. Do not forget to set a stock number for the products you will be discounting. The discounts you will make should be in certain numbers for each product, and then your products may return to their old prices when the discount stock is exhausted.

In short, Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for both sellers who want to multiply their sales and for consumers who want to buy the products they want to buy at more affordable prices. If you don’t have stock and still want to treat this day as a seller, you can do Amazon Dropshipping. Thus, you can easily benefit from these big discount days.We recommend you to take a look at our Amazon Dropshipping Features. Then, we would like you to review our Pirahas Dropshipping Software, which will reduce your load on average by seventy percent. Prime Day is an unmissable opportunity for sellers. Moreover, if you are going to join this day by doing dropshipping, you will reduce your risk rate extra. Don’t miss this day where you can win-win from every angle!

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