E-commerce is a popular industry which grows day by day and earns new users uninterruptedly. Thanks to the innovations and services it brings, Amazon, which is the world leader in the sector and even one of the companies with the largest company value in the world, is the dream of people who want to sell in virtual stores with its high visitor rate and sales volume. 

Now, Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world with its market share. Because of that, millions of users visit the website everyday to sell stuff on Amazon or buy. Even only this one single condition makes it the most suitable platform for opening a store in Amazon. In this article, you can find  the guide of opening a store in Amazon and also how to sell something on Amazon

Why Amazon?

Amazon provides lots of ease from stocking to packaging for stores. Also Amazon accounts for almost half of the online sales and two out of three of US households being subscribed to Amazon Prime. As a result of Amazon being the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide, there is a serious competitive between sellers. If you work hard, prepare well and build good strategies, it is not that hard to be successful and start doing sales in a few weeks.

What is dropshipping?

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Dropshipping is a method for online sellers to create an occasion for building a bridge between customer and supplier. Dropshippers make a list of their products for their online stores and when they have received an order, they deliver the product from supplier to customer directly. With this way, dropshipper does not handle with any stocking or shipping. Instead of that, supplier does all the delivering. 

Beside dropshipper is not taking care of logistic, he/she should focus on how to manage the whole work and how to satisfy the customer and marketing strategies. A dropshipper who has these three skills can be successful and make profit from the store  

Why Dropshipping on Amazon?

Of course dropshipping is not the only way to sell stuff on Amazon. There are several ways to opening a store in Amazon like wholesaling or private label. But dropshipping has a few benefits instead of wholesaling and private label. Here are some benefits of dropshipping on Amazon:


  • Low start up cost: You get paid by customer when they order a product and use this payment to order the product from supplier. 
  • Fast to set up: You do not have to spend time on Amazon to wait for getting prepared of your products. Because of you already selling existing stuff, it is easy and fast to set up.
  • Full-automated business: There are several extensions to allows you to automatize your store on Amazon that saves you from spending hours.
  • Easy to research: You can use different kind of tools to see how well other sellers are performing to check the productivity. 

How does dropshipping on Amazon work?

  • First, you should set up an Amazon seller account.

You will need a seller account for selling products on Amazon. You have two options to create your account on sellercentral.amazon.com, individual or professional.

  • Secondly, you should do an analysis to find a product which has high demand and low competition.

You can use an extension to find these kind of products on Amazon. Finding right product will boost your sales and make your online store more competitive. 

  • Thirdly, you should check other platforms to see if the product available or not. 

You can use different kind of platforms to use like AliExpress to find suppliers for your products. Just search the terms of the product you are looking for and you will have tons of results on the page. With this way, you can find the most suitable supplier with conditions for you.

  • Fourth step, after you find your product and supplier, it is time to create an Amazon Product List.

From your “Seller Central account”, go to “Inventory” and click “Add a product”. When the “Add a Product” screen comes up, click “Create a new product listing.”


First, you need to choose your product category. After, you do that, you have to fill out the information for the listing itself.   

When you are setting a price for your product, do not forget to add Amazon fee’s to your prices. If you are a professional seller, you will pay a referral fee of 8-15% depending on the category. Individual sellers pay an additional $1.00 per sale, too. You can have more information about Amazon’s fees by category on their Selling on Amazon fee schedule.

After you are done with this four steps, you are ready to start selling products on Amazon.

How do I start Amazon dropshipping?

If you feel ready to start to do dropshipping, there is nothing to hold you to not to do! Starting to do dropshipping by yourself is always an option. You can spend time on growing your online store and follow the trends, implement them on your store. OR you can use Pirahas! Pirahas supports you with your online store on Amazon and gives you to chance to earn your time that you spend online. Check the link below to learn more about Pirahas and start your dropshipping journey!

Free Pirahas Dropshipping Course

People who decide to do dropshipping in line with Amazon sales policies should have researched and be in a knowledgeable position before starting to sell.

People who have decided to do Dropshipping due to Amazon’s complex algorithm should have researched and learned before they start selling. Pirahas offers free training to guide those who have decided to dropshipping on Amazon. After completing the training, you can sell on Amazon with a much healthier account management. 

Increase Your Sales with Amazon Dropshipping / Amazon Dropshipping Software

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Pirahas has developed software with an exclusive traning that tells those who want to sell on Amazon where to start. Sellers using the software increase store sales by searching for products on Amazon, checking prices and stock. Thanks to its easy and understandable interface, it can see incoming orders and calculate how much profit it makes. You can even send your products to Pirahas’ warehouse and you can easily handle your shipping operations. In this way, you will have a safe dropshipping management. For Pirahas Dropshipping software prices and detailed information, click.

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