dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,It is a fact accepted by all countries that Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site. The principle that Amazon has not given up in its growth since the very beginning and has always put it in the top priority is the principle of customer satisfaction. Even if your products are the most valuable products; If the purchaser is not satisfied with everything (such as late delivery, damaged product, sending a different product than what is written in the descriptions), unfortunately it has no value for Amazon. That’s why the sellers want you to sell good products, as well as to satisfy your customers in every way. Focusing on customer satisfaction, Amazon uses the method called Buy Box to motivate sellers to do this, to make them better, and sellers are trying to be the best in order to have a Buy Box. In addition to being an ideal e-commerce site, Amazon has developed a system that can work even with minute changes. And it continues to improve continuously. The Buy Box is at the center of this ever-evolving system. Having a Buy Box is so important that sellers are almost always competing with each other for ownership, and those in the industry are constantly trying to decode the algorithm. Having a Buy Box is a really great chance for you to sell high on Amazon. We always said the Buy Box and talked about it very, very important. So what is this Buy Box, what makes it so important, how to own it, let’s examine it together.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,First of all, let’s say that; Buy from Turkey Trendyol ago in the Box system, such as e-commerce sites and offers HepsiBurada also use this feature to their dealers. It is an indisputable fact that Amazon leads the world e commerce market. Likewise, it is modeled their systems also make efforts to bring customer satisfaction to a very nice step for Turkey e-commerce companies.

What we call the Buy Box; The very small and yellow box, which is usually on the right side of the pages of products listed on Amazon. Turkey e-commerce sites ‘add to cart’, ‘buy now’ buttons so. Amazon USA users, on the other hand, show these small yellow buttons as “Add to card” and “buy now”. If the same product has more than one seller, these sellers are displayed under the title of that product. When you click the “add to cart”, “add to card” button while purchasing the product, you are purchasing the product from the seller who deserved the Buybox. Another possibility is that customers can look at the offers of other listed vendors and choose to buy products from them; but the number of customers who do this operation is very low. That means BuyBox; It means going directly ahead of rival sellers, and so sellers are in a serious race to own a BuyBox. As this race continues, the rate of exchanging higher quality e-commerce for customers will gradually increase. BuyBox means quality service for customers, while increasingly difficult for sellers but encouraging them to make quality sales. So why is it so important to win the BuyBox?

Why is the Amazon Buy Box So Important?

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors for Amazon. The reason of this; A customer satisfied with the shopping experience means a permanent customer. In other words, it means a regular customer who is more likely to shop from the same site after shopping. This means more sales. We can say that the seller, who sends the products with affordable prices, fast delivery and undamaged, guarantees the customer repeat shopping to a great extent. In short, being a good seller is the most important condition for you to stand out on Amazon. And the BuyBox is like a gift from Amazon to sellers who offer their customers a good shopping experience.

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,While 82% of the sales made from Amazon in 2018 were made through BuyBox, this rate increased to 85% in 2019, and in 2020 this rate exceeded 90%. When we look at the high rates and the rate of increase over the years, being a seller with a BuyBox seems to be the most important thing to survive on Amazon. Therefore, it is quite normal and even necessary for sellers to enter such a serious race to own a BuyBox. More than 90% of Amazon sales in 2020 are made with the Buy Box, and having it gives the message that you are “Amazon’s first choice”. In cases where the same product has more than one vendor, the system will not list all vendors for you. Only how many vendors sold and their prices are displayed. But when you click the Buy, Buy Now button, the product of the seller who has the Buy Box box is added to your cart. This means that if you have a Buy Box box, it doesn’t matter how many competitors you have selling the same product, and clicking the Add to Cart button directly from the home page will add your product to their cart. In this feature, it is a thank you gift to the sellers who do Amazon’s job properly.

How Do I Get an Amazon Buy Box?

dropshipping, amazon fba, Rekabet, Yatırım, zaman yönetimi, stok yönetimi, tedarik zinciri, dropshipping, amazon fba, Competition, Investment, time management, stock, supply chain,You are a seller on Amazon and you want to have a Buy Box. How will this be possible? How will you survive such a big race and get ahead? There are four main conditions to have a Buy Box. Before these conditions, you must have a professional seller account with Amazon. If you do not have a professional seller account, Amazon will not define this feature for you, no matter how good you are. Being a good seller that prioritizes customer satisfaction is one of the basic elements to have a Buy Box. Keeping a regular stock follow-up, having sufficient product stock and selling zero products are other important factors. These are the most basic elements for you to have a Buy Box. There are other factors that support these elements. Amazon gives FBA sellers an advantage when it comes to the Buy Box. Because cargo delivery times are shortened considerably, which affects customer satisfaction positively. This element is extremely important for Amazon, which guarantees fast and undamaged shipping of products stored in its own warehouses at FBA. Of course, it is important that you sell the product at an affordable price. But here it is necessary to have done the competitor analysis very well. When you sell the same product in order to give a lower price than the market, if you call that product $ 10 and your competitors sell that product for an average of $ 20, the price you give will create a suspicion whether the customer is selling poor quality products.

Therefore, you should do the market research correctly in the price policy you will apply. Store points are another element for sellers who want to get the Buy Box. Sellers who have achieved a good store score by providing a good online sales experience will have an advantage. If you give your customers the chance to track their cargo, you can take your place among the leading sellers. In order to maintain the compliance of the Buy Box, valid tracking numbers must be provided for 95% of the packages sent. Anything less than that can affect their chances of winning the Buy Box or even selling in a particular category. It is very important and difficult to find the best price point for each product. If you do it right, you’ll probably earn some sales; you have to do it exactly perfect. Sellers have to consider a lot of factors. For this reason, Pirahas, which develops systems to help them, steps in exactly at this point and increases and decreases the prices for the sellers and provides all the necessary information to your customers. Therefore, sellers do not have to think about all these details. If you are an Amazon seller, we recommend you to review our “Pirahas Dropshipping Software”. You do not have a seller account on Amazon yet, but if you want to start e-commerce from a point, register to our “Dropshipping Training” and discover the Amazon World as quickly as possible and start selling. Amazon always supports successful sellers. And it’s a great privilege to be one of those vendors. Amazon is a huge market and we believe you have a place in that market.

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