Amazon A10 Algoritması,  Amazon A9 Algoritması, Amazon Seo, Dropshipping, E-Ticaret, Online Ticaret, Pasif Gelir,Amazon is the world’s largest E commerce site and works hard to deserve and protect this title. We can understand this from constantly making new algorithms to renew and improve itself. While some algorithms make it difficult for sellers to sell, they offer customers a better online trading experience. The main reason why Amazon is so successful is that it always prioritizes customer satisfaction. The customer who completes his shopping satisfied means the permanent customer and this means the number of customers that is always increasing. While many of Amazon’s algorithms are not fully understood, there have been jobs whose only job is to solve these algorithms. There are more than 2 million sellers on Amazon, and yet the competition among sellers is always growing and it becomes very difficult to be successful. Amazon loves innovation and is constantly developing new algorithms to drive innovation, drive competition, and increase the presence of new sellers. One of these algorithms is the A9 algorithm. And some people call it the A10 algorithm. The reason is that they are actually very similar to each other. The main differences between the two are based on certain parameters. With the latest update, Amazon started to show more interest in customer search results. So Amazon developed the A10 algorithm to make search results more relevant to the buyer.

What is the Amazon A10 Algorithm

As in every trade, there are sellers who do not comply with the laws and follow misleading policies in E-commerce. With the increasing number of sellers in Amazon, such a problem started to emerge and elements such as fake reviews and fake seller accounts started to spread. In order to prevent these, Amazon makes frequent changes and updates in its algorithms to help remove fake and fraudulent sellers on the site. While this is sometimes difficult for sellers, when looking at the result, the fact that it benefits greatly is evident.

Amazon A10 Algoritması,  Amazon A9 Algoritması, Amazon Seo, Dropshipping, E-Ticaret, Online Ticaret, Pasif Gelir,

The Amazon A10 Algorithm update is about what they call ‘Black Hat’, such as comments, votes, fake sales, cheating and fake purchases. Therefore, it is obvious that unsafe working systems (Black Hat) should be avoided. If you do not stay away from this system and continue to sell in this way, most likely Amazon will discover you and permanently delete your account. Thanks to the Amazon A10 algorithm, sellers who follow a policy of making illegal and inappropriate sales will be blocked as soon as it is detected by Amazon. If you sell on Amazon, product ranking is an important part of your business strategy. Because; the better ranking in the search results, the more sales you get. Amazon’s SEO actually works similar to the Google search engine algorithm. Also, most of the customers don’t even look at the 2nd or 3rd page when they search the search engine. And you know, more than 65% of customers start their search directly from Amazon, without looking at other sites. Therefore, if your products are not well ranked as a seller, that is, if you fall low in the listings, it will be very difficult for your customers to discover you, and your marketing and product optimization efforts will always go in vain. You should evaluate the algorithms that are known to work well, list products accordingly and follow an appropriate sales policy.

Tips to Rank Higher with the Amazon A10 Search Algorithm

The most effective way to get ahead in the rankings is to have a Buy Box. If you have the Buy Box, you are a good seller and Amazon has rewarded you. Sellers who interpret and apply Amazon algorithms correctly will reach these points. Of course you have to be a really good seller until you have the Buy Box. Your customers should be satisfied with you in every way. Like every update, the A10 algorithm aims to ensure customer satisfaction and secure shopping. So what can you achieve this trust and satisfaction by doing? The time you are active as a seller on Amazon is very important. How much feedback you received as a seller and its positive rate, the performance measurements of the seller, how many products the seller has are examined and evaluated by the A10 algorithm. Another factor; impressions. That is, how many times it was viewed on the Amazon website, affiliates and partner sites. The higher your views, the higher you rank.

Amazon A10 Algoritması,  Amazon A9 Algoritması, Amazon Seo, Dropshipping, E-Ticaret, Online Ticaret, Pasif Gelir,

Internal sales; It’s about sales that go directly to you without a search on the Amazon website. The A10 algorithm evaluates the rate of this and evaluates your success level accordingly. In the method we previously called PPC sales, the ranking of the keywords you use on Amazon was very important. But with the A10 algorithm, keyword ranking has lost its importance. With the A10 algorithm, the click-through rate started to play a very important role. In order to get ahead with this feature, your main photo should be very interesting and have a headline compatible with it. Click-through rates on photos and titles that attract attention are always higher. This is one of the first features that will set you apart from other vendors. Another important factor is the conversion rate. As much as the number of views of your product, how many percent of sales are purchased after the product is viewed, which is very important for ranking. The higher the sales rate, the better your chances of getting ahead in the ranking. You should always check your product stock. Running out of stocks of a product you offer for sale while it is online will not make you look good in Amazon’s eyes. So always actively update your stocks. It affects your ranking in organic sales. Organic sales are sales where shoppers purchase your product without any promotion and marketing. To adapt to the A10 algorithm, run your PPC campaigns as before, but diversify your advertising budget and focus on other aspects that can bring quality traffic to your product listings, such as non-Amazon advertising. Try to think long term, not short term.

Amazon A10 Algoritması,  Amazon A9 Algoritması, Amazon Seo, Dropshipping, E-Ticaret, Online Ticaret, Pasif Gelir,Sellers who want to achieve success in Amazon sales need to know all the algorithms, evaluate them correctly, update and diversify their online store accordingly. If you follow the right strategies, you will have no reason not to be successful at Amazon. Moreover, you do not need to have hundreds of thousands of products in order to sell on Amazon and be a successful online store seller. There is a method that allows you to do dropshipping e-commerce without stock. If you apply the same strategies in Dropshipping, you can still get ahead of many sellers with stock. If you want to learn in detail what dropshipping is and start earning online, you can take a look at our “Dropshipping Course”. Our “Pirahas software”, which will put you ahead of your competitors while doing dropshipping, will always work for you in the background so you can spend more time for yourself. Moreover, completely safe and approved by Amazon. If you have read our article until the end and come to these lines now; means you are someone who wants to succeed. And we believe that you will succeed as long as you have this belief. Our software will always accompany you on your way to success with dropshipping.

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