The number of people who want to have their own business increases day by day. More people feel close to the idea earning their lives by working online while they are at a location does not matter. Dropshipping is the one of most popular ways to the people who wants to have small business. Here are some tip points that every online store owner should know especially if they want to boost their sales in a short time

Create An Offer That Your Customer Cannot Refuse

One of the most important things at dropshipping is the way you promote it to the customer. Does not matter how your customer needs it, if you do not offer it right, they will not know if they are able to have it or not. Even they cannot know if it exist.  Your part here is to make the product appear in front of them.

Have More Than One Suppliers

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Working with lack of suppliers may cause serious problems in long term. You should deliver a good customer experience to your audience and if you face a problem with your supplier it directly effects your delivery. This problem can be not reaching the product or not having a bad experience. Working with various suppliers will save you at these kind of situations; plus, your customer will more options to choose.


Build A Connection With Your Customer

Customer comes first. If you want to deliver the best experience to your purchaser, you should be accessible at any platform. Listening the issues, answering the questions and making them feel cared is the most important thing top solve the problems with them. If you can have their trust and your seller-buyer relation will be strong, you will see that even the hardest issues will seem easy to both side.

Have A Well-Grounded CRM System


You should set a CRM system to track the experience both suppliers and customers. Checking if they are delighted the service you provide them will let you know the points you are failing to fix them and the good points you have to continue them. 


Do Not Over-Cut Your Prices


At dropshipping, low-key prices are the key point at this field. Low prices will make customers to think about shopping from you instead of other stores which has more expensive prices. But, there is an important situation that you should watch for. If you make your prices too low, it will make your store looks cheesy. There is a thin line between the prices that makes people interested and scared.


Use Pirahas!

Imagine an extension which gives you the all these eases you need at dropshipping. With Pirahas, you can track your online store without spending too much time on it and you can give this time to your loved ones. Pirahas follows the prices in the market for you automatically and determine prices on your store. You will have extra benefits to make things fast on your store and increase the gain without dealing anything.

Enjoy earning while you lay on your couch!

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