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Pirahas provides 4 different fully automatic and economical solutions to the sellers in 14 different Amazon marketplaces that will saving your time, reducing costs and increasing your sales. We provide Amazon Dropshipping Software for amazon sellers.

Amazon Dropshipping Software Suppliers

Amazon Dropshipping Software

It solves all the problems of e-commerce vendors fully automatically, who do not have enough capital in Amazon for product research/upload, stock/price control, 
trademark control between your source and target market places.

Say goodbye to Excel and Txt files!

You can never ever again use Excel or Txt files to upload/update/download your products to your inventory.

Automatic Stock, Price and Trademark Control

Price, stock, trademark controls are provided according to the rules
you set after uploading your products to your inventory.
Your products are automatically deactivated before
unforeseen circumstances and from timeless orders.

Repricing Software for Amazon Dropshipping

Whether you’re Dropshipping Suppliers, FBA dealer, or FBM dealer on Amazon, you can dynamically pricing your products to get ahead of your competitors and increase your sales.

Increase Buxbox Rate

With Pirahas special algorithm, you can increase the buybox rate of your products by 70%. This way, your sales will also increase by 45%.

Custom Schedule

The times you need to repricing according to your region, your competitors, the product you sell and even your sales model show awareness. Pirahas can automatically start and stop the repricing application in certain time periods according to your situation.

Review for Amazon Dropshipping Software

Helps Amazon sellers to increase their feedback and review counts. Thus, it allows to
improve their BSR – Best Seller Rank and increase sales.

Smart E-Mail System

Before sending automated e-mail to customers according to the rules
that sets by our user, Pirahas controls even the mental state in the area, where the customers lives.

Ready to use Rules and E-Mail Templates

All you need to do is, choose one of the ready to use rules and e-mail templates. Then Pirahas start to send full automatically e-mails to your customers to get best review and feedback for you. Of course, if you
want you can create your own rules and e-mail templates.


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